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Communities Can Code

Communities Can Code (CCC) is an initiative to create a pathway for high school students to learn how to code. This skillset will enable students to get higher paying jobs in the tech space without needing to get a college degree. Many jobs in the tech space are based on certifications and experience. Our goal is to make these skills accessible for students in underserved communities, that experience lower-rates of college attendance. Making these skills and opportunities more accessible, will increase things like generational wealth building and overall quality of life.

Our first iteration of this program is in partnership with Apple, PNC Bank, Harrisburg University and the high school district of Harrisburg, PA. We are in the early stage planning for a launch in Harrisburg, PA in summer 2023. The program is for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Each summer students will return for a more advanced coding experience with the hopes of being able to build something useful (like an app) by the time they graduate. This will give them the skill and the experience to pursue certifications and higher level employment once they graduate. We are also partnering with the local business community for internships and mentoring. This will be a viable option for the student that does not want to attend college. 

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