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Solar Panels

Where It All Started

PGC Resources & Endowments

Our research started in Prince George's County (PGC), Maryland. We discovered that PGC is one of the best places to pilot any initiatives for underserved communities. PGC has an innovative ecosystem already built out and is positioned next door to Washington DC. This makes it much easier to pilot new initiatives and produce outcomes that can be studied and replicated. Some of the resources and endowments we focused on are outlined below. 

PGC is located in Maryland, which is the richest state in the USA.


PGC has an HBCU that has one of the top technology and security programs in the US


PGC provides a large pool of untapped tech talent


PGC is the richest black county in the USA (and the world)


PGC has a community college that is very engaged entrepreneurially


PGC shares a border with our nation's capital. This means it is geographically next door to all the decision makers and is economically shielded from most market downturn

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