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Think Consulting

Our social impact consulting functions on six key pillars...


Any engagement starts by understanding the needs of the communities we are looking to serve. Solutions without understanding are ineffective.

Regional Focus

We understand that different regions have unique sets of strengths and needs. Our solutions are dynamic and aligned specifically to needs of each place where we are engaged.


Innovation is the driver for all that we do. Our motto is to "Re-Think Everything"  We look to develop and cultivate new ideas and ways of looking at a problem.


There is a huge trust deficit that exist in communities that are underserved and under-resourced. We lead with empathy with an approach that put relationship at forefront.


We believe that reinforcing systems that insulate and support growth in a region, is the way to build sustainable solutions.


Our goal is to work with our partners to impact 1 billion people. We create solutions with the idea of moving large populations of people upwards to a better, more meaningful and productive existence.

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