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Think P.G.C. is a dynamic not-for-profit social impact consulting firm dedicated to propelling equitable community engagement and promoting regional economic development through the catalysts of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.


Our team actively tackles social and societal challenges by working collaboratively with our philanthropic, private sector, and government partners. By harnessing local resources and innate endowments, we pioneer groundbreaking regional initiatives specifically tailored to uplift underserved, under-resourced, and under-represented communities. This concerted effort allows us to cultivate trust and nurture enduring relationships.


Countless communities have historically been excluded from vital conversations about sustainable economic progress. At Think, we seize the opportunity to construct new ecosystems at scale, leveraging the transformative forces of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to amplify the strengths of any region.

Our Vision, Goals & Solutions

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Community-driven Advocacy for Regional Ecosystems at Scale


Meaningful engagement begins with a thorough awareness of the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

Solutions that lack this knowledge are ineffective in generating true change.


Advocacy goes beyond advocating for individual community needs. We engage leaders in government and business on how to connect these conversations in a way that is meaningful for all the stakeholders that support a region.


We recognizing that there are varied capabilities and demands specific to every region. We tailor our solutions to the individual requirements of each location in which we are involved.


We are firm believers that establishing resilient systems capable of sheltering and fostering growth within a region is the foundation for building long-term solutions.


Our goal is to collaborate with our partners to make a difference in the lives of billions of individuals worldwide. Our goal is to build models that can be deployed globally; guiding people to a more prosperous, purposeful, and fulfilling living..


Our Partners

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Discover the power of the Think Network Membership. The only professional membership network exclusively focused on social impact. Connect with diverse talent from HBCUs, and Colleges and Universities. Increase skills based hiring with our Community College partners. Connect students to jobs, internships, scholarships, and stipend opportunities. Connect to exclusive volunteer opportunities for your employees. Be a part of something extraordinary, as we connect thousands of professionals, student visionaries, and corporate partners from across the country.


Tremain Davis

Tremain is a business strategist, author, speaker, professor, serial entrepreneur and investor. Tremain has traveled the world as a successful entrepreneur.  His experience has helped him realize that business and technology are powerful levers that can help lift any community on the planet. This inspired Tremain to begin building community engagement models that can be scaled. In 2021 Tremain founded Think PGC to RE-THINK "economic development," and how we create global impact solutions. 



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