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Theory Of Change Statement

Our Theory of change is grounded on the recognition that new approaches are required to address the structural and systemic barriers that exist with certain populations of people accessing the resources they need for life advancement. Our key insight is on NOT trying to reform the existing system but to build new ecosystems that align with the specific needs of underserved, under-resourced, under-represented communities. These activities are to be done regionally and with trust as the anchoring component. These ecosystems are underpinned by technology to allow work to be done at scale, and to allow knowledge sharing throughout the broader network. Within each region are smaller interrelated systems that reinforce each other to provide support. This approach insulates the region, which then enriches the people in the community. 




Our purpose is to unlock the power of human potential

Our vision is to increase overall human productivity by effectively engaging under-resourced communities

Our mission is to build scalable community engagement models that empower people through regional clusters (ecosystems)

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