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About Us

At Think PGC our work is based on the realization that new ways are required to address the structural and systemic barriers that prevent some populations of people from accessing the resources they need for life advancement. Our primary concept is to build new ecosystems that correspond with the strengths of any specific region, rather than try to improve any existing system. These actions are executed regionally, because "Trust" is the key component. These ecosystems are supported by community engagement strategies, innovation, and technology, which enables large-scale work and knowledge transfer across our network. Business models and the entrepreneurial mindset enables our strategies to be sustainable. Our goal is to reach 50 million people globally by 2035.




Our vision is to increase overall human productivity by effectively engaging all communities globally

Our purpose is to unlock the power of human potential

Our mission is to build scalable community engagement models that empower people and drive sustainable economic development

Our Leadership Team

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