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Our Services

We partner with educational institutions, corporations, local governments, non-profits, financial partners, and community leaders. Our expertise, insights, and guidance allow us to sustainably address social and societal challenges. Our work is in three key areas:

  • Strategy Management: We develop strategies and frameworks that tackle large problems. We build ecosystems that achieve macro-level impact. We employ innovative thinking and creative problem-solving approaches to design tailored solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges.

  • Global Network Connection: For the past decade we've built a global network of resources specifically curated for accomplishing our mission of building communities and empowering people. This allows us to consult on large projects that have impact at scale.

  • Thought Leadership and Advocacy: We play an important role in shaping the discourse around equity and accessibility in innovation and technology. We contribute through research, publications, global speaking and training, and policy advocacy. 

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